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The Empowerment Manual

This book is filled with today’s leading spiritual teachers who share empowerment strategies to be practiced by individuals, workshop facilitators and professional presenters.

Leena R. Haldar is an international transformational workshop leader and life coach (certified by Hay House USA), who has been steadily emboldening individuals to lead more fulfilling and prosperous lives. 

Her contribution to The Empowerment Manual is her personal story of overcoming the challenge of cancer. She gives tips on keeping a positive frame of mind while you undergo the life altering treatment. The story inspires you to understand that no one is perfect, but by changing the way we think life can always be improved. 

Here is an excerpt from her chapter.

Fearful of the chemo, my body went into tremors during the very first cycle! The second time around, I decided to WILL my body to be calm, confident and not go into overdrive with tension. I took a few deep breaths and SPOKE to my body. I told my body that whatever is happening is happening for my Highest Good. And Boy… believe it or swoon… Nothing happened.

 This is just one of many powerful and motivating stories that are present in The Empowerment Manual. Buy your copy today!
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Climbing the mountain of life

Living a useful and productive life is rather similar to the challenge of climbing a mountain. Many of the skills that you need to develop and use in a mountain climb can easily migrate to living a fruitful life. Of these many skills two that I have personally found indispensible are discipline and determination. If you can train your mind to do your bidding, no matter what the odds are, you have the kind of discipline that will help you succeed at whatever you want.  Similarly you need to be focused on your goal and determined to achieve it.  So how does one develop these skills?
For starters don’t waste time on challenges which mean little to you. When you choose a challenge that appeals to you, personally, you are far more likely to work on it. I choose the challenge of the seven summits and the two poles because it really interested me. It was a challenge that I wanted to take up. It was not something that my parents told me to do or my school counselor said I would be good at. It was a challenge that I wanted to do and so I was able to give it my all. I did not feel that I was wasting time training for the challenge.
The training is all important. You need to train for the specialized skills that are needed in any job. Not everyone can flip a perfect pancake or build the ideal bonfire. The people who make it seem so simple to do have trained themselves over a long time to reach that level of perfection. When you decide to climb a mountain you don’t just wake up one morning and say, “I think I’ll climb Mt. Everest today.” You need to tone up muscles and build your stamina ages before you even get to Nepal. You also need to build a team that will be your back up and help boost you along the path.
This team becomes important when you face failure. You need to be courageous enough to admit to yourself that you may not succeed at the first shot.  You may have to try again and again to finally make that summit. The team of people around you when you hit that failure can influence your attitude a great deal. So make sure you have a lot of optimists around you. When you share a goal with a number of people you are far less likely to quit and go home. An individual may be weak, but a team is much stronger. When you know that your team mates are depending on you to deliver, you will do your utmost to deliver.
If it has been done before, you can do it. This is what I firmly believe in. If another human being made of flesh and blood like you, has been able to achieve a goal that you are chasing, you are very likely to succeed. The path finder has the toughest job. He has to go where no one has been before and decide how best to travel forward. The others who follow will merely have to follow his trail and reach the same destination. So pick the summit that calls to you and go climb it.
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Are we good or are we bad? Is good and bad the same for everyone?
There is a little bit of the Devil and a little bit of God in all of us. What society and religion ask us to do is to keep the Devil bottled up and only let out the goodness. However it is humanly impossible to achieve this 100%. What is possible is to strike a balance between the two.
Now, how does one do that? To maintain a balance between good and bad it means that you need to do some good deeds and some bad. Even the mere thought seems absurd to someone who wouldn’t be caught doing a wrong deed. The theory of balancing out the goodness and the evil within us is simple but to put it to practical use is impossible.
Or is it? How many times has an individual been charged by society at large for doing something that it considers wrong, only for the same action to be sanctified a few years later. Think about it, once it was considered immoral to say that the world was round. Today if you say it is flat, people will laugh at you.
A decade ago it was wrong to be a single, divorced parent and now it is accepted most easily. It was legal to own human slaves a century ago, today the mere hint of it would cause a scandal. The norms of society change repeatedly down the years. A behaviour that is unacceptable today may become a way of life tomorrow.
So what is good and what is bad can not be set by an elusive and flexible rule of general society. Each individual must decide that for themselves. In my opinion the only thing that you should not do is what makes you uncomfortable. Your own conscience is what should be your guide.
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Setting Personal Priorities

Time functions in a series of sequences and events. If you are in control of those events - or at least in partial control - you can foresee the steps to mastering how you manage your time.
The steps are listed as follows:
1. Determining goals/objectives
2. Planning
3. Making decisions
4. Implementing those decisions
5. Controlling the resulting
6. Informing and communicating with others
There are various ways to meet each one of these steps. You need to figure out what will work best for you.
Your personal priorities are those that deal with just you as an individual. Not the family, your friends or any one else of importance in your life. These might include:
What you want out of life
What time you'd like to spend on hobbies
What books you'd like to read
Whether you'd like to enhance your intellectual skills
What kind of person you'd like to fall in love with
What kind of success you'd like to have in life.
It would be a good idea to sit down in a relaxed mood and decide what all you would like to accomplish. Grand plans can be scaled down to small term goals that you can actually meet. Once you have this list its easier to implement it.
Clarifying what your business priorities are might take a bit of rational thinking. You need to keep emotions out of the list of objectives when you're considering what will be best for your career.
You should consider that your business priorities will have to be matched up against your boss's priorities or the company's priorities. You could be causing major problems for yourself if your own goals and objectives are totally different from those of the people with whom you work. Remember your customers, your co-workers, and your superiors when you create a list of priorities for your business/career.
Remember that if your career priorities are meeting with frustration in the organization because they are at odds with what your superiors want you to do, it might be a good idea to think about starting out with a new company and in a different job profile. One which is more compatible to your own priorities and growth, after all its no use being stuck in a dead end job that you don't enjoy and not having the time to do what you truly wish.
Cater for enough time to achieve what you want and also cater for the unexpected. Set specific short - term goals that will be a definitive step toward your long term, more complex goals.

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Do something you put off

Go for a walk.
Exercise at the gym.
See a movie with friends.
Visit that Uncle or Aunt.
Play golf on the weekend.
Sit back and read a book.
Play with your children.
Plan an excursion to the amusement park.
All pleasant enough activities that we would like to do, in fact activities that we enjoy doing too. Yet somehow we never get around to doing them. Why?
A very common cry these days is "I don't have time to do that." Yet each of us knows some lucky individual who has the time to do it and enjoy himself as well. Despite the fact that he has a demanding job and enough pressures of his own to handle, so why don't we have the time?
As far as I know nature didn't invent time, Man did. Then he decided to go one step further and make himself a time table. After which he decided to punish himself by worries about meeting all his deadlines and in case he did not, catastrophe loomed large over his head.
The recipe for disaster is perfect, keep piling on more and more things to do in the so called working day and keep penalizing your personal life. One fine morning you realize you can't cope with all the pressures and decide to quit either the job or your life. In short, disaster achieved.
So let's take a step back and look at what went wrong. Not everyone ends up with a nervous breakdown due to pressures of work, how do they handle it? They prioritize! Not just their work at the office but also what they want out of other spheres of their life such as Family/friend priorities, Academic priorities, Fitness priorities, Travel priorities, Holiday priorities, Creative priorities, Financial priorities, etc.
Decide what you want out of life. Make a list and then head in that direction with baby steps. Be realistic with yourself and don't make irrational demands on the time that you have. Do what is on your list of priorities and not only will you be happier, you will have time to do what you truly want to as well.
Remember the Law of the Slight Edge: Small changes, over time, make a big difference.
Sit down today, in fact right now with a pen and a paper to write down a list of things that you feel you should be doing. It could be any thing from talking to your cousin on the phone to getting that flower pot outside a flowering plant. Just keep jotting down every thing that you feel you want to do but never seem to have the time to do.
Once you have put it all down in writing, put numbers on each task giving them priorities. For instance going for a walk every day will come ahead of getting a gift for your friend's birthday. Put down numbers on each and every task on that list. Now see what all you can do today. Yes you need to start taking action today for this whole exercise to be effective.
Even if it is a small task make sure you tick it off your list with flourish as you finish it. Now concentrate on the remaining tasks. Need to see a movie on the weekend? Book those tickets online right now.
Want to find time to visit that Aunt or Uncle? Call them up and ask them when it's a good time to visit. It will make you take a commitment to visit them at that day and time. Much harder to break that than a general I'll come and see you one of these days.
Once you start you will enjoy the things you are doing. They will not seem to take too much time out of your regular day when you plan ahead and organize yourself well. That is the secret to making time for yourself.

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Take a break

In today's busy schedule there is no spare time. Each minute of the day must be accounted for. Each minute not spent productively is eating away time from your relaxation. Each minute you feel you must make some life altering changes. Each minute you get more and more stressed out.
Is this really the way you would like to live your life? Is this harried and worried existence, what you truly craved for as a child? I know I did not, yet some how I have got caught up in this race. A race against time. A race that you keep feeling like you are losing. It is always there. The threat of not doing all that you can with your time. Even feeling guilty for taking a break.
Yet it is the worst possible way to be productive. No one can function well like that. You need to be able to relax. To be able to see what you want to accomplish next. This is not possible unless you take a time out. To travel a road well you need to mark out the route on the map. That will only happen if you stop a while before you set course again.
It makes sense to make time for a break. So next time you feel hassled, do yourself a favour and take a break. You will notice that the time spent recouping will make you sharper on the job when you return. Many scientific studies have proved that the break will help you perform better. So its not just some mumbo jumbo, it is established fact. Don't feel guilty when you need a break.

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Daily Quote

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You Are Safe

Trust in the Universe to provide what you need, when you need it. No matter how bleak things look at the moment, there is always a dawn after the dark.

Get inspired every day on the website of Leena R Haldar. 
Leena is an International Life Coach certified by the Hay House Foundation.
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Friday, 6 March 2015


Leena R Haldar works with you to ensure that you have clarity of direction, focus on a plan, accountability to both her and yourself, and unflinching support to help you build self belief. You will be able to understand yourself better with life coaching in order to gain clarity on what you truly want. Then as your life coach Leena will help you to get there by helping you formulate an action plan which changes your old ineffective habits into new skills that support where you want to go. She will transform your life by helping you go where you wish to with confidence and peace of mind.

Here are some resources that you may like to start out the transformational process with.

Click on the Book Cover to read the ebook for Free

Hay HouseBooks

Hay House CDs

Hay House Online Courses
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Pick Your Affirmation

You can wish anything you like into existence. You are the co-creator of your own life. All that surrounds you has been drawn to you by yourself. Now take a look at what you want to improve in your life and use the affirmations to do so.

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Thursday, 26 February 2015


She’s an interior design consultant, by profession. And by vocation, Leena R. Haldar is an international transformational workshop leader and life coach (certified by Hay House USA), who has been steadily emboldening individuals to lead more fulfilling and prosperous lives.

Her date with mindset transformation was flagged off in 2006. During early motherhood, Leena took a sabbatical, functioning as a lecturer teaching Communication and Generic Skills at Rizvi College of Hotel Management in suburban Mumbai, India. Little did she realise that Providence was readying to unveil a new chapter in her life, alongside it all.

Since she was compiling the syllabus, Leena was presented with the opportunity to do extensive research pertaining to life skills. Soon, the lecturer found herself gravitating towards the ‘Law of Attraction.’ And before Leena knew it, she was firmly its gratifying grip!

Suitably intrigued and wanting to test those unchartered (‘Attraction’) waters, Leena swiftly began applying the concept in her life. To her immeasurable surprise, Leena found most of her desires manifesting more speedily in her life. And what’s better, beyond expectations too!

This led to a passion to help others unravel the same power within themselves. Thrilled with her journey of transformation, Leena, now dynamically convinced, opted to put professional credentials into place so that she could elevate the life paths of others.

Leena joined hands with like-minded souls and founded the Rainbow Lightworkers. They want to bring the understanding of how much better you can make your life by making a few simple shifts in thinking and attitude to the masses.

Net result: Today Leena, who is herself a cancer survivor, excels in taking workshops on Louise Hay’s philosophy and coaching people to live a well-balanced life.

A self-confessed “people’s person” and mother of two, Leena is passionate about empowering individuals through life coaching and transformational workshops. She expressly loves working with children and the youth. It is her dream to introduce a “positivity curriculum” in every possible school.

Leena believes that when everyone “Follows their bliss”.... the planet will prosper as a happier and more fulfilled space.
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Every Thought We Think Is Creating Our Future

Daily Affirmation
Get inspired every day on the website of Leena R Haldar. 
Leena is an International Life Coach certified by the Hay House Foundation.
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