Thursday, 26 February 2015


She’s an interior design consultant, by profession. And by vocation, Leena R. Haldar is an international transformational workshop leader and life coach (certified by Hay House USA), who has been steadily emboldening individuals to lead more fulfilling and prosperous lives.

Her date with mindset transformation was flagged off in 2006. During early motherhood, Leena took a sabbatical, functioning as a lecturer teaching Communication and Generic Skills at Rizvi College of Hotel Management in suburban Mumbai, India. Little did she realise that Providence was readying to unveil a new chapter in her life, alongside it all.

Since she was compiling the syllabus, Leena was presented with the opportunity to do extensive research pertaining to life skills. Soon, the lecturer found herself gravitating towards the ‘Law of Attraction.’ And before Leena knew it, she was firmly its gratifying grip!

Suitably intrigued and wanting to test those unchartered (‘Attraction’) waters, Leena swiftly began applying the concept in her life. To her immeasurable surprise, Leena found most of her desires manifesting more speedily in her life. And what’s better, beyond expectations too!

This led to a passion to help others unravel the same power within themselves. Thrilled with her journey of transformation, Leena, now dynamically convinced, opted to put professional credentials into place so that she could elevate the life paths of others.

Leena joined hands with like-minded souls and founded the Rainbow Lightworkers. They want to bring the understanding of how much better you can make your life by making a few simple shifts in thinking and attitude to the masses.

Net result: Today Leena, who is herself a cancer survivor, excels in taking workshops on Louise Hay’s philosophy and coaching people to live a well-balanced life.

A self-confessed “people’s person” and mother of two, Leena is passionate about empowering individuals through life coaching and transformational workshops. She expressly loves working with children and the youth. It is her dream to introduce a “positivity curriculum” in every possible school.

Leena believes that when everyone “Follows their bliss”.... the planet will prosper as a happier and more fulfilled space.
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Every Thought We Think Is Creating Our Future

Daily Affirmation
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Leena is an International Life Coach certified by the Hay House Foundation.
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