Thursday, 26 March 2015

Climbing the mountain of life

Living a useful and productive life is rather similar to the challenge of climbing a mountain. Many of the skills that you need to develop and use in a mountain climb can easily migrate to living a fruitful life. Of these many skills two that I have personally found indispensible are discipline and determination. If you can train your mind to do your bidding, no matter what the odds are, you have the kind of discipline that will help you succeed at whatever you want.  Similarly you need to be focused on your goal and determined to achieve it.  So how does one develop these skills?
For starters don’t waste time on challenges which mean little to you. When you choose a challenge that appeals to you, personally, you are far more likely to work on it. I choose the challenge of the seven summits and the two poles because it really interested me. It was a challenge that I wanted to take up. It was not something that my parents told me to do or my school counselor said I would be good at. It was a challenge that I wanted to do and so I was able to give it my all. I did not feel that I was wasting time training for the challenge.
The training is all important. You need to train for the specialized skills that are needed in any job. Not everyone can flip a perfect pancake or build the ideal bonfire. The people who make it seem so simple to do have trained themselves over a long time to reach that level of perfection. When you decide to climb a mountain you don’t just wake up one morning and say, “I think I’ll climb Mt. Everest today.” You need to tone up muscles and build your stamina ages before you even get to Nepal. You also need to build a team that will be your back up and help boost you along the path.
This team becomes important when you face failure. You need to be courageous enough to admit to yourself that you may not succeed at the first shot.  You may have to try again and again to finally make that summit. The team of people around you when you hit that failure can influence your attitude a great deal. So make sure you have a lot of optimists around you. When you share a goal with a number of people you are far less likely to quit and go home. An individual may be weak, but a team is much stronger. When you know that your team mates are depending on you to deliver, you will do your utmost to deliver.
If it has been done before, you can do it. This is what I firmly believe in. If another human being made of flesh and blood like you, has been able to achieve a goal that you are chasing, you are very likely to succeed. The path finder has the toughest job. He has to go where no one has been before and decide how best to travel forward. The others who follow will merely have to follow his trail and reach the same destination. So pick the summit that calls to you and go climb it.
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