Thursday, 26 March 2015


Are we good or are we bad? Is good and bad the same for everyone?
There is a little bit of the Devil and a little bit of God in all of us. What society and religion ask us to do is to keep the Devil bottled up and only let out the goodness. However it is humanly impossible to achieve this 100%. What is possible is to strike a balance between the two.
Now, how does one do that? To maintain a balance between good and bad it means that you need to do some good deeds and some bad. Even the mere thought seems absurd to someone who wouldn’t be caught doing a wrong deed. The theory of balancing out the goodness and the evil within us is simple but to put it to practical use is impossible.
Or is it? How many times has an individual been charged by society at large for doing something that it considers wrong, only for the same action to be sanctified a few years later. Think about it, once it was considered immoral to say that the world was round. Today if you say it is flat, people will laugh at you.
A decade ago it was wrong to be a single, divorced parent and now it is accepted most easily. It was legal to own human slaves a century ago, today the mere hint of it would cause a scandal. The norms of society change repeatedly down the years. A behaviour that is unacceptable today may become a way of life tomorrow.
So what is good and what is bad can not be set by an elusive and flexible rule of general society. Each individual must decide that for themselves. In my opinion the only thing that you should not do is what makes you uncomfortable. Your own conscience is what should be your guide.
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