Thursday, 26 March 2015

Take a break

In today's busy schedule there is no spare time. Each minute of the day must be accounted for. Each minute not spent productively is eating away time from your relaxation. Each minute you feel you must make some life altering changes. Each minute you get more and more stressed out.
Is this really the way you would like to live your life? Is this harried and worried existence, what you truly craved for as a child? I know I did not, yet some how I have got caught up in this race. A race against time. A race that you keep feeling like you are losing. It is always there. The threat of not doing all that you can with your time. Even feeling guilty for taking a break.
Yet it is the worst possible way to be productive. No one can function well like that. You need to be able to relax. To be able to see what you want to accomplish next. This is not possible unless you take a time out. To travel a road well you need to mark out the route on the map. That will only happen if you stop a while before you set course again.
It makes sense to make time for a break. So next time you feel hassled, do yourself a favour and take a break. You will notice that the time spent recouping will make you sharper on the job when you return. Many scientific studies have proved that the break will help you perform better. So its not just some mumbo jumbo, it is established fact. Don't feel guilty when you need a break.

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